AppValley | Download AppValley App Android, iOS & PC (UPDATED)

Whenever a need for an application arises we head to Google Play Store or Apple App Store to acquire and download the same. However, it could be very frustrating if the required application is not present in these official application stores or it is paid. With no other source left to see we simply have to kill our need for the application. However, killing the need is not a permanent solution. In this post we are going to share with you features, download and installation steps of AppValley, which is a 3rd party Application Store, on Android, iOS & Windows/MAC PC/Laptop.

Download Latest AppValley on iOS
Download and Install the latest AppValley on Android, iPhone/iPad, and PC

AppValley is similar to the official Google Play Store on Android or Apple App Store on iOS, with the only difference being that it houses all the hacked, modified and ++ applications and games which are, usually, not available in the official application stores. Also, the applications which are paid in the official stores are available for free in AppValley. AppValley VIP on Android, iOS & Windows/MAC PC/Laptop is another reason which contributes to the popularity of AppValley.

AppValley on Android, iOS & PC | Features:

The popularity enjoyed by AppValley VIP comes from its features. The feature set of the 3rd party App Store is, indeed, pretty unique and fantastic. Hence, it becomes vital to share with you the features of the application prior to laying down the download and installation steps of the same.

  • The download and installation speed for the applications, presented by AppValley VIP, is much faster than the speed which you receive from the official application stores. Credit for this goes to the amazingly fast servers of AppValley that deliver a good performance even in cases of poor internet connection.
  • The 3rd party application storehouses hacked modified, ++ and fully cracked applications and games. Hence, it becomes evident from here that the inventory behind AppValley for iOS is massive and tremendously big. Chances of not finding a particular application are extremely slim.
  • A hard-working development team takes care of all the action behind the scenes. They make sure that the application remains free of bugs and errors. Each and every day a new application is added to the inventory to make AppValley 2.0 APK stay updated all the times.
  • The development team even allows you to place a request with them, in case an application is not available in AppValley. Your request will be worked upon on priority basis.
  • Speaking about updates, you simply receive a notification whenever a new update is available. You can choose to update there and then or postpone the same to a more convenient time. Hence, updates are not annoying or frustrating as we don’t get multiple reminders of the same as we receive an official application store.
  • Paid App Store and Google Play Store applications are available for free in AppValley.
  • The user interface of AppValley on iPhone/iPad is amazingly simple and much like the interface of the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Hence, upon launching the application you will understand immediately the navigation process and won’t have any issues browsing and downloading your favorite applications.
  • You neither need to root your Android smartphone to install AppValley nor you require to jailbreak your iOS device for the same.

Well! There is no doubt that the feature set is, indeed, fantastic. This makes AppValley a must download the application. So, let us move now to the download and installation steps of AppValley on Android, iOS & Windows/MAC PC/Laptop.

Install AppValley APK on Android [No Root]

  • As a first, like what you do every time prior to downloading a 3d party application, please turn on the option of Unknown Sources from Settings -> Security of your Android device.

    Latest appvalley apk android
    Check unknown sources from settings and continue
  • Next, download Latest AppValley APK file from here.

Download AppValley APK for Android

  • Please wait for the AppValley APK file to download. Post successful download of the same please navigates to the download location and tap on the AppValley VIP file to commence the installation process.
  • On the window that appears, please press ‘Install’ to continue with the installation process. Wait for the installation process to complete as it might take a few additional minutes.
  • Once the installation process is complete you will find the icon of AppValley APK present on the home screen of your Android device.
  • Tap on it to launch the application and an interface similar to Google Play Store will welcome you. Start downloading your favorite applications.

Install AppValley VIP for iOS iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak

  • For downloading AppValley on iOS you require navigating to the official website of AppValley VIP from here.

Download AppValley VIP for iPhone/iPad

  • Please wait for the website to get loaded. Once the home page loads up you will be able to locate a button captioned as ‘Install AppValley.
AppValley for iOS
click on the Install button to install AppValley
  • Tap on the same to initiate the installation process. On the subsequent pop up that comes up tap on ‘Install’ and in the next window, you will be asked your confirmation for profile installation. Tap on ‘Install’ again to continue with the installation process.
  • Wait for the installation process to finish. Post successful completion of the installation process please navigate to Settings -> General -> Profiles & Device Management and trust the profile of AppValley.
appvalley on iOS devices
Tap on the profile and trust it in order to continue to the installation process.
  • Cool! Now you can launch AppValley from the icon available on the home screen of your iOS device. Enjoy! You will be greeted by an interface similar to the official App Store hence you will face no issues navigating AppValley.

Install AppValley on PC on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Mac Laptop

  • For installing AppValley APK on your Windows/MAC PC/Laptop you require the aid and assistance of an Android Emulator. You can download BlueStacks 3 for the purpose of their official website
  • Tap on the setup file to continue with the installation of the Android emulator. Follow simple on-screen instructions to proceed with the installation.
  • Once the Android Emulator is successfully downloaded please download AppValley Apk file from here.

Download AppValley VIP APK on Windows PC/Mac

  • Right, click on the apk file and from the pop-up menu that comes up select the option Open With -> BlueStacks.
  • Cool! The Android Emulator will automatically pick up the apk file and install the same on your Windows/MAC PC/Laptop.
  • Post successful installation of the same, the icon of AppValley will be available on the home screen of your Android Emulator. Tap on it to launch the application and enjoy the experience.


What is AppValley?

AppValley is a third-party app installer that gives you modded, hacked apps and games for free. They can be downloaded easily on your iOS. It offers an excellent user interface to get third-party apps without jailbreaking iOS.

Can you get AppValley on Android?

The developers of AppValley have launched the app store exclusively for iOS. There is no version for Android. However, if you need similar services on Android, you may download ACMarket APK.

Is AppValley safe for iOS?

AppValley is one of the safest ways to download third-party apps on iOS. There is no need to jailbreak the iDevice. Also, the app store is completely free of bugs which make AppValley even more attractive. There are no app revokes.

How can you trust AppValley on iOS?

You have to follow the steps given below to trust AppValley on iOS.

  • Take the Settings on your iOS device.
  • Go to the Profile & Device Management option from the General Settings.
  • Here, you need to tap on AppValley profile.
  • Click on the Trust option and you are done.


Will installing AppValley void the warranty of iOS?

No, AppValley is an app store alternative that allows you to install third-party apps without jailbreak. It is safe and doesn’t violate any of the Apple system policies. So, you can install and use AppValley without losing the warranty of your iOS device.

Can AppValley be trusted?

Yes, there are no errors in AppValley. It ensures that you enjoy tweaked and modded apps on iOS without malfunctioning your iOS. Though third-party apps, in general, cannot be trusted, AppValley is the safest source you can ask for.

  • How to uninstall AppValley?
  • You are required to find the AppValley app from the home screen of iOS.
  • Press and hold the app icon until it is movable.
  • Next, select the cross icon at the top of the screen.
  • Confirm your action by tapping on Delete again.

Why is AppValley better than any other app store alternative?

The largest database of third-party modded, tweaked and hacked apps are found in AppValley. You can easily download them onto your iOS for free. AppValley offers such an awesome user interface that ensures faster download process. The inventory is well organized. You can now get all your favorite apps and games without jailbreaking iOS.

So, these were the features and simple download and installation steps for AppValley on Android, iOS & Windows/MAC PC/Laptop. In case you are still unclear about something don’t hesitate and let us know about the same via the comments section provided below. Answers to your questions will be provided on a priority basis.

AppValley | Download AppValley App Android, iOS & PC (UPDATED)
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